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The Cygnus Wall








These images have all been taken by John Maclean either in Exeter or at the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth. I hope you enjoy them.

Astro Imaging equipment:


The equipment I use is fairly standard for astro imaging, the key component being the mount! I use a Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro mount which is just about the best mount available for the money.


My main telescopes are a Skywatcher Equinox 80 APO PRO, a Williams Optics Z66 refractor and an Celestron C6 SCT. I mainly image with the Equinox and guide with the 66 although this is interchangeable. I also have a Coronado PST scope for Solar work in Ha.


The cameras are very important in advanced imaging and I have a few!

ATIK 314L+ Mono CCD camera. This is my main imaging camera.

QHY5. I mainly use this camera for guiding but also for some Solar imaging.

Meade DSI. Another good camera for imaging Deep Space Objects though mostly superseded by the ATIK.

Canon 1000D DSLR. This was my first DSO Imaging camera.

Philips Webcam SPC900NC. My very first astro camera! Great for imaging Planets and the Sun.


Artemis capture software

PHD Guiding

Starry Night Pro 6

Maxim DL 5