johnsmallJohn Maclean FRAS (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society).

I am an astronomer, astrophotographer and lecturer on Astronomy and Planetary and Lunar Science.  My main interest is in Comets and NEO’s ( Near Earth Objects ) as well as Deep Space Imaging of Galaxies and Nebulae. I am a member of the NASA Comet Ison Observation Campaign which studies cometary science. I am also interested in Solar Astronomy and use special telescopes to view and image the Sun, capturing sunspots and solar flares. As a part of the S.P.A.M. Meteor Detection Network and the UK Monitoring Network I capture and analyze data on meteors that appear over UK skies.

I am an Enrichment Lecturer for Cunard Line.

As a STEM Ambassador I help to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to students in schools, colleges and Universities.

My background is Military, having served 25 years in the Royal Air Force specialising in Electronics, IT and Communications Satellites.

I am available to give talks to schools, colleges, societies and astronomy/space events. I can deliver talks and lectures on various astronomy and space topics such as: The Solar System, Galaxies, Nebulae and Black Holes, The Apollo Missions, Near Earth Objects (OMG we’re all going to die!), Is anybody out there? and many more. Please email astro (at) exeterobservatory.com for details.